No Turning Back
Frontispiece, Mayhem Comics #1

This is a picture of my partner Baron Mrkva and me, done in pencil. This piece has really gotten the hell beat out of it over the years, particularly around my face. It never did have a lot of contrast and now has even less. Baron (standing) is supposes to look like this monstrous sort of fellow, brush in hand dripping some substance onto the floor. While I sit there wiping the ink(?) off of a pen. There was a word balloon for me which read:

Well, well, what is it this time? What motivated your investment in this, uh, "comic book"? I'll wager you are curious, correct? A good start, then. Curiosity is nothing more than interested ignorance Oh, but don't be offended! It's quite necessary that your be prepared at the outset. Your minds should be open, your imaginations, expectant. We're counting on your curiosity. We've spent a lot of sweat anduh, blood to produce this book and there's no turning back for us now. But then, there's no turning back for you, either, is there?