Comic Art

Jazz and Comic Books are America's two original art forms. The many flavors of jazz all have at their core the idea of improvisation. "Is this the way it's done?" Well, maybe. Or maybe it's only the way it's done this time because at its roots jazz is about freedom. The freedom to express how you feel about a song "right now" and it may be different later on and that's OK. The best comic books are that way too, when the freedom of expression is given over to the writers and the artists, when they are allowed to interpret the corporate icons as they see them, today, "right now," then remarkable art can be created.

In the world of comics I've been a publisher, a writer, an artist, a conceptualizer. With every role I have played I have strived to be the jazz musician at heart,  to make each piece I do the way a musician creates a jazz performance. Right here. Right now. My interpretation. My improvisation.